Host City – Stockholm

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Stockholm municipality is a green city and just over 40 percent of the land consists of parks and green areas. Here you will find large hiking areas, fine parks and promenades as well as small district parks. Stockholm’s nature is characterized by its special location between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea and through Mälardalen’s mild climate with cultivation zone II corresponding to Skåne’s inland. Despite over a thousand years of influence of people through buildings, the construction of streets, roads and squares, as well as parks and green areas, there are only a few kilometers from Stockholm City’s completely original nature areas.

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What to see & do

Big and small. Well-visited museums and unique gems. Classics like the Vasa Museum and newcomers like the ABBA Museum and Fotografiska. Stockholm has hundreds of museums and attractions to visit. Here are ten of them you just can’t miss!

Eat & drink

As Stockholm is a hub for Scandinavian design, it is only natural that many restaurants in the city have embraced the Nordic design philosophy of functional minimalism in the decoration of their dining rooms. Foodie paradise – Diverse and innovative, Stockholm’s culinary scene grows more exciting by the year. From Michelin-starred New Nordic restaurants to hole-in-the-wall falafel joints, there’s something in the city to suit every taste.

Locals recommend

Find your way off the beaten path with personal guides and tips from the people living here. See what some people think might be the Secret Formula of Stockholm.

Stockholm archipelago

The archipelago area of Stockholm is great for everyone to experience and enjoy. Forty areas are open all year round for you as visitors. Welcome out and see another amazing aspect of the city!